Family Law

Many people have to make major life changing decisions in very stressful circumstances when they are in the worst possible frame of mind. We will attempt to minimise the stresses of this situation and guide you towards a successful conclusion.

Separation or divorce from your cohabiting partner or spouse can be difficult. Issues in respect of children may be intertwined with complex financial arrangements including pension sharing and maintenance. We recognise the need to avoid unnecessary confrontation in family disputes and we are particularly sensitive to the needs of any children involved. Issues regarding Contact and Residence of children are extremely difficult for parents and often affect other family members. Whether the issue is where a child should live, how often they see a family member or whether or not you have parental rights and responsibilities, we have a wealth of experience to help resolve your problem.

We provide sound advice on your legal rights, entitlements and obligations and we use a range of approaches to achieve these results, including negotiation, preparation of separation agreements or litigation in either the Sheriff Court or the Court of Session. We will advise you on your prospects of success and the possible costs involved in the process.

We are also registered with the Scottish Legal Aid Board should you qualify for Advice and Assistance or Full Legal Aid.

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